This campaign is a play-by-post Vampire RPG located here:

Vampire the Requiem: Shadow Wars

The kindred have always waged secrete wars against each other since the first night of man. Now an enemy is emerging that threatens to end the kindred curse upon the world for good. Will this common enemy unite the many factions of the undead? Or will they use this opportunity to promote their own varied agendas?


New England has been a strong force in the kindred world since the founding of the states. In the modern world, its continues to be a strong force in the requiems of kindred all over the world.

With New York’s new found “Imperium noctis” lead by the historic Massimo family, it is on the forefront of the political games.

Boston plays home to one of the world’s largest concentration of the Order of the Dragon, if the mysteries of the Kindred condition will be discovered this century, it will be in Boston.

Albany New York is devoid of all kindred … at first glance. Underneath Albany lies a vast network of Nosferatu Catacombs. It is unknown exactly how many kindred call that place home, however their numbers are rumored to be in the hundreds. Most convents say they have a prescience in those catacombs and their contacts on the surface are often extremely well informed.

Maine, USA – is off limits to all kindred. A group of Mekhet call it home, and have only one rule – “no Kindred cross the border into Maine” Some say they are a fanatical group of Crone that practice odd blood magic, not unlike Crúac in Maine. Some say that for a price, you can broker a meeting with their elders, but no one knows why you would want to do that?

Montreal, Canada is in the control of the Carthian Movement. They are accepting of most kindred, and are one of the most populated cities in the north east. They have publicly renounced the Empire.

The unique sprawl of isolated towns made Vermont a paradise for a small group of Kindred Elite. In 2013 the territory went silent. The rumors of VII, Brood, and Hunters spread like wildfire. The surrounding territories launched a unified investigation into Vermont. The world heard a word that had been taboo since the fall of Rome. The Stryx were back.

Today Vermont is home to a small handful of vampires, not even enough for a proper court. The rumor in every elysium in New England is that Vermont is asking people to return and populate the territory. The prince has one year and one day, starting January 1, 2016 to reestablish a court or loose the territory.


You will be playing a Kindred (or Ghoul) who has arrived in Vermont recently. There are a few reasons you could be here:

  • You may play a character from an existing game, history may not be … exactly as you the player remembers it.
  • There were several experts in the Occult and Ancient professors who had retired to Vermont. With the kindred gone, who knows what hidden secrets are being left unguarded now.
  • The untamed wilds of Vermont have always been home to odd events and occurrences. And now, an ancient enemy of the kindred has made an appearance, those looking to make a name from themselves investigating odd events, or the equivalent of the undead adrenaline junkies, Vermont is the place to be right now.
  • It is not often that a single political position opens up in a city. But all of them? A young kindred looking to break into a real political career could do well for themselves in Vermont. Or perhaps you are a prodigy from a power family, helping their family extend their reach.
  • Vermont poses an interesting opportunity; the founding of a new city opens the opportunity for a new form of kindred governance completely!
  • One of your vampire family, old mentor, bitter rivals, occult research partner, or (quite rare for the kindred but) even friends are among the disappeared in Vermont. You want to find out what happened to them.
  • Blood is in the water, and the predators are starting to circle. No great city has ever been won without a fight, and you do love a good fight.