Character Creation

Character Creation

Here are the very basics for creating a Vampire character.

Character Sheets

Hooks – Once your character is done and submitted to the GM, you will get 3 Hooks assigned by the GM.

Step One: Concept

Choose a concept. Come up with three Aspirations.

Step Two: Attributes
Prioritize categories (Mental, Physical, Social). They receive 5/4/3 dots, distributed in any combination. So you could have 5 dots to spend among you Mental (Intelligence, Wits, Resolve), 4 amount your physical (Strength, Dex, Stamina), then three among your Social (Presence, Manipulation, Composure). OR you could spend 5 in your physical, 4 in your mental and three in your Social.

Step Three: Skills

Prioritize categories. They receive 11/7/4 dots, distributed however you would like, just like attributes. You do not have to prioritize them in the same

They are separated into three categories just like Attributes.

Step Four: Skill Specialties

Choose three Skill Specialties.

Step Five: Add Kindred Traits

Choose Clan, Covenant, Anchors: Mask, Dirge, Touchstone), Blood Potency, and Disciplines.

Step Six: Add Merits

Select ten dots of Merits.

Step Seven: Advantages

Willpower is equal to Resolve + Composure.

Humanity is 7.

Size is 5.

Health is Size + Stamina + Resilience.

Speed is Size + Strength + Dexterity.

Defense is the lower of Dexterity and Wits, plus Athletics.

Initiative Modifier is Dexterity + Composure

Character Creation

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