The Carthians: Applies mortal solutions to immortal problems with modern and experimental government. Firebrands of the Carthian Movement may purchase Carthian Law Merits.

The Circle of the Crone: Venerates female divinity, painful
change, and the old ways remixed for the modern world. Acolytes of the Circle may learn the Crúac Discipline.

The Invictus: safeguards the Masquerade with hierarchy and tradition. Scions of the Invictus may purchase Oaths.

The Lancea et Sanctum: Preaches a dark faith; they are both wolves and shepherds. Judges of the Lancea et Sanctum may study Theban Sorcery.

The Ordo Dracul: Struggles to transcend the Curses through eldritch alchemies and rites. The Defiant of the Ordo Dracul may develop Coils and Scales of the Dragon.


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