With New York’s new found “Imperium noctis” lead by the historic Massimo family, it is on the forefront of the political games.

Boston plays home to one of the world’s largest concentration of the Order of the Dragon, if the mysteries of the Kindred condition will be discovered this century, it will be in Boston.

Albany New York is devoid of all kindred … at first glance. Underneath Albany lies a vast network of Nosferatu Catacombs. It is unknown exactly how many kindred call that place home, however their numbers are rumored to be in the hundreds. Most convents say they have a prescience in those catacombs and their contacts on the surface are often extremely well informed.

Maine, USA – is off limits to all kindred. A group of Mekhet call it home, and have only one rule – “no Kindred cross the border into Maine” Some say they are a fanatical group of Crone that practice odd blood magic, not unlike Crúac in Maine. Some say that for a price, you can broker a meeting with their elders, but no one knows why you would want to do that?

Montreal, Canada is in the control of the Carthian Movement. They are accepting of most kindred, and are one of the most populated cities in the north east. They have publicly renounced the Empire.


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